Currently working at Atomic Cartoons/Thunderbird Films wrapping up a bunch of dream projects soon to be announced.

About Me


Experienced Designer / Art Director looking for new opportunities in animation.  I have been in the television/gaming/visual FX industry for over 18 years and have worked in a varitey of artistic positions.  A hobby of mine has always been creating shows and making them come to life and luckily that is what I get to do everyday.


Graduated from Sheridan College in 2005 for Computer Animation
Graduated from Sheridan College in 2004 for Classical Animation

Work History

  • ThunderBird Films/Atomic Cartoons (Aug 2015 – Present) – Vancouver, B.C.
    Layout/Background Paint Supervisor, Layout/Background Paint Artist, Concept Development Artist, Matte Painter, Prop Designer
    • Molly of Denali (WGBH) Season 4
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • Rocket Reads (PBS)
      • Lead Concept BG Designer
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • Young Love (Sony Pictures Animation)  Season 1
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • Trollstopia (Dreamworks) Season 1 and 2
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • 101 Dalmatian Street (Disney)
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • Screachers Wild Shorts
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • Marvel Super Hero Adventures-Season 1 (Marvel)
      • Key Location Supervisor, Concept Artist, Location Deisgner
    • Molly of Denali-Pilot (WGBH)
      • Concept Artist/Location Designer/BG Colourist/Layout/BG Paint/Prop Design
    • Legend Of The Three Caballeros (Disney)
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • Counterfeit Cat (Disney)
      • Layout/Background Paint Artist
    • Pilots/Tests/BG Supervisor Trainer
      • BG Supervisor, Matte Painter, Location Design, Concept Artist, Background Painter
  • Bardel Entertainment (Sept 2014 – Aug 2015) – Vancouver, B.C.
    Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
    • Jake and the Neverland Pirates-Season 4 (Disney)
      • Layout/Background Paint Supervisor
  • Atomic Cartoons (Oct 2010 – Sept 2014) – Vancouver, B.C.
    Sr. Location Designer and Sr. Background Colourist
    • Rocket Monkeys Season 1,2,3 and Christmas Special
      • BG Colourist
    • Pirate Express 
      • Development Design Pack Location Designer/BG Colourist
    • Ella the Elephant
      • Layout Artist/BG Colourist
    • Johnny Test Season 6
      • Location Designer/BG Colourist
    • Rocket Monkeys 
      • BG Colourist
    • Transformers: Rescue Force 
      • Location Designer
    • Johnny Test Season 5 
      • Location Designer/BG Colourist
      • Development Location Design and BG Colourist for Planet Tiki Island, Spyburbia, Ella the Elephant, Pirate Express, Ruffin It, Rocket Monkeys, Brickleberry and Minimum Wage
  • Big Bad Boo Studios (May 2009 – Oct 2010) – Vancouver, B.C.
    Art Director
    • 1001 Nights
      • Art Direction/Marketing/Art Supervisor
      • Location Designer, Prop Designer, Colour Stylist
    • Mixed Nutz
      • Marketing Design, Website Design, Posters
  • Studio B Productions Inc. (Dec 2006 – May 2009) – Vancouver, B.C.
    AFX Supervisor, Location Designer, BG Painter, AFX Artist, Storyboard Artist, Animation Revisionist
    • Badly Drawn Roy 
      • AFX Live Action Compositing Artist
      • AFX Teacher to the studio
    • Packages from Planet X
      • Storyboard Colourist
    • Cave Boy
      • Scene Staging Artist
      • Layout Artist
      • Animation Revisionist
    • Boom Boys
      • Colourist
      • BG Painter
    • Side Show Christmas
      • AFX Artist
    • Peanuts Shorts
      • AFX Artist
    • Being Ian (Seasons IV & V)
      • AFX Artist
      • Fantasy Key / BG Designer
      • Layout / Cleanup Artist
      • Scene Staging Artist
    • Martha Speaks (Season I)
      • Story Board Revisionist
    • Ricky Sprocket (Season I)
      • Location Designer
      • BG Colour Stylist
  • Electronic Arts Canada (Apr 2005 – Apr 2006) – Burnaby, B.C. 
    Character Modeller, Texture Artist
    • MVP Baseball 2006
      • Head production modeling/texturing
      • Texturing of all accessories and equipment
    • World Cup Soccer 2006
      • Head production
      • Texturing crowd characters
    • NBA 2007
      • Head production
      • Texture development
      • Applying and testing facial animation for each player’s geometry
    • Additional
      • Helped out in hair department when needed, worked with supervisors and art directors to develop new techniques for head development (helped with the development of creating head textures from scratch, painting facial attributes)


I have been trained in and am proficient in the following Computer Programs:

Adobe Software CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premier, Go Live, Maya, Flipbook, Exel, Setchbook, Perforce and other proprietary software that had been developed at EA


  • Finalist in Electronic Art’s Great Canadian Art Competition in 2005
  • Received 3rd place in the Teletoon Animation Station Scholarship contest in 2001
  • Received the Vivian Sturdee Purchase Award at Beal in 1999 and 2000